Amazing April Achievements at Milton! Guess what guys…? We reached Warsaw!

IMG_6698On Thursday 23rd April we ran the last few kilmometres and reached our final destination…Warsaw, the Capital City of Poland.  The Junior Jog Scotland Challenge certainly has been a lot of fun for us, tricky at times when faced with hail, rain, wind and snow… but we did it! It really goes to show that we can do anything that we put our minds to at Milton!  A superb effort from the whole School, Nursery, parents and a very special thank you to all of our special guest runners  (including Scotland’s Strongest Man) who helped us clock up over 2000 kilometres!

After crossing the finish line we enjoyed some delicous foods  from the different countries that we passed through on our travels!

Primary 5, 6 and 7 would like to share some of their favourite “Run To Poland Facts” with you!


1. The national anthem of The Netherlands, The Wilhelmus’ is the oldest in the world. The song is all about William of Orange and why he is fighting the King of Spain         Ethan and Rheannan

2. The capital and largest city in the Netherlands in Amsterdam             Declan

3. Around 20% of the Netherlands is located below sea level           Rhianna

4. There are over 16 million bicycles in use in The Netherlands; almost one for every citizen     Travis and Jamie

5. Amsterdam has more than 1200 bridges             Travis and Jamie

6. The Polish National Anthem includes the lines – ‘Poland is not lost, Poland is not lost yet, and Poland is not yet lost’               Kinga and Seth

7. Poland’s national symbol is the white tailed eagle         Riley

8. Poland shares a border with no less than 7 countries – Russia, Belarus, Solvakia, Ukraine, The Czech Republic and Germany          Charlotte

9. Poland has had many capital cities in its time. These have included Gniezno, Poznzn, Krakow and Warsaw. Lublin has been capital twice – after both World Wars       -Owen

10. The most popular dog’s name in Poland is Burek   Courtney

11. The German National Anthem includes the line ‘Germany above all’ Amy

12. Germans are the second biggest consumers of beer in the world          Thomas

13. Gummy Bears were invented by the German Hans Reigel                      Lhayla

14. Germans answer the phone with their surname instead of ‘Hello’          Tallulah

15. There are around 300 varieties of bread in Germany           Thomas

16. The biggest festival in Germany is Oktoberfest, but it starts in September-        Lhayla

17. There are more soccer fan clubs in Germany than in any other country        Tallulah

18. The population of Germany was around 82 million in 2010            Amy and Kaleb