Scotland’s Strongest Man at Milton!

Luke “The Highland Oak” Stoltman popped into Milton Primary this afternoon. The children heard all about his journey to becoming Scotland’s strongest man in 2013 and 2014. Luke came 3rd in UK’s Strongman in 2014 and hopes that one day soon he will become the World’s strongest man. He will be competing for the 2015 Scotland strongman trophy again and Milton Primary are very confident he will bring the title back to the Highlands again. The children prepared some excellent “higher order” questions for Luke. He talked to them about his achievements, his lifestyle and even shared a few stories about his own school days. Luke said one of the most important lessons he had in primary was all about how vital it is to listen. “Listening and learning is so important in Primary School, especially learning in literacy, numeracy and maths”. Luke talked about his determination, motivation and commitment to his sport. He said that it is important for children to follow their dreams and believe in themselves.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Luke for visiting our school today. We all really enjoyed your talk and are looking forward to writing about your visit. Luke has promised to come and run a few laps of the field with us next Friday in a bid to help us on our way to Poland!

The North Star came along and snapped up a few pics this afternoon so keep your eye on the papers over the next couple of weeks!