Christmas Interhouse Challenges

On the last day of each term we have a interhouse challenge. It was of course, Christmas themed today and very competitive. Miss Robinson created a interactive digital Christmas quiz and we then had a snowman drive.

The winning House will be announced at the next assembly.

Everyone here at Milton would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe New Year. 🎅🏻🎁🌲


Priority Post Box

Priority Post Box

A parent has asked me to make you all aware ….

Milton does have a priority covid post doesn’t come up when you search for it on the Royal Mail website but Milton definitely has one – just incase you were worried about trying to get to Invergordon to send a PCR.

It is down the lane between the shop and the waste ground, towards the pub.

Stay safe!


Christmas Celebrations

It has been an exciting week of celebrations here at Milton Primary.

On Wednesday we had our Christmas Parties, a HUGE thank you must go to our friends at the Mercat who arranged our snack and a special visitor and present. We are so lucky and the children were absolutely delighted. Thank you to Mairi and her team!



On Thursday our fabulous cooks, Mairi, Claire and Alison made us the tastiest Christmas Dinner – they really are the best.

Here we are tucking into it…

Milton Primary would like to wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas.


Festive Letter

The whole school are currently watching a “Festive Letter” performed by Eden Court for every School in Highland to watch seeing as we cannot go to the Pantomime in person this year.

Thank you Eden Court, there are lots of laughs coming from the classrooms. A great way to get into the festive spirit.


Maths in Action

In Primary 123 we have been exploring early multiplication and division. The children have been working hard to develop their counting in 2s sequence and using this knowledge to help them solve story problems. We have been thinking a lot about how best to represent our working out and how to record how we actually solved the problem rather than simply saying or writing the final answer. We have also been exploring the concept of sharing items equally between groups of 2, 3 or 4 to help with our division skills.

Primary 3/4/5 have been working on multiplication in numeracy. We have been using a story problem approach to allow us to explore a variety of strategies we can use to help us solve problems. The children surpassed Ms Brewer and Mrs Christie’s initial expectations by using a range of strategies such as counting in 1s and skip counting, doubling knowledge and multiplication facts to help them get the answer. We have used some games and practice work in class to help move our learning forward. It’s lovely to see the children’s confidence growing each week with lots of children in the class building on their multiplication facts already.

P567 have been working on their multiplication strategies through story problems and counting collections. We have been trying to use known facts and derived facts to make our solutions more efficient.

Aren’t the children’s recording brilliant?


Children in Need

The children requested that we participated in Children and Need. They were allowed to come in wearing spots or pyjamas.

Thank you to all who donated, we raised £54.50.


Help us Play

Last week at our Parent Council Meeting the lack of Play Parks in our community was discussed.

Some of our pro-active members of our Parent Council have decided to apply for some funding to try and provide some new park equipment for the community.

Yesterday we took a walk to be able to take a picture to add to the supporting letter from the Parent Council.


Inter-house Competition

To celebrate the end of term 1 here at Milton we organised an Inter-house competition. To cater for everyone we tried to include various elements so every child had the opportunity to be successful.

All of this week we had a secret manners challenge operating. Staff were on the lookout for children who showed good manners (but we didn’t tell the children) and awarded points for this. A special mention must go to Leo in Primary 1 who scored 40 points all on his own for his house – Kilmuir.

Each class also produced a piece of artwork which was judged anonymously by Mrs Sellar and Mrs Martin. There were house points awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each class.

The winners of Miss Robinson’s Autumn trees and hedgehogs were:

1st – Alexis

2nd – Shamaya

3rd – Charlotte

The winners of Mrs Christie’s patterned Autumn leaves were:

1st – Kodeah

2nd – Kerrigan

3rd – Norbert

The winners of Miss Crew’s pumpkins were:

1st – Isla

2nd – Kaci

3rd – JJ

We weren’t organised enough to take a photograph of the winners but here’s some finished articles from the classes.

Miss Johnston also did a random uniform check throughout the week. She noted down who was wearing and awarded points accordingly.

This afternoon saw us take part in various sporting activities including: shooting baskets, trying to beat Miss Crew the goalie, throwing the beanbags in the bucket, timed adventure trail, one legged balance, going under/over with a wet sponge and completing a lap of the pitch. House points were awarded based on the numbers scored, the team who took the shortest time and the 1st boy/girl from each year group who completed the lap of the pitch.

Lap of the Pitch winners were:

P7 – Alan & Kaci

P6- Noah & Zofia

P5 – Christopher & Demi

P4 – Mason & Maisie

P3 – Leighton & Lois

P2 – Alfie & Amelia

P1 – Leo & Amy

A special mention must also go to Lois and Eilidh who were the last two children (apart from P6s & 7s) who were able to stand on one leg for 7 minutes for their houses! I only managed to snap a couple of pictures throughout the challenge.

At the end of the day we totalled up the points, taking into account Fruity Friday, SHANARRI Superstars and Hall of Fame awards for the term. The scores on the doors were:

1st – Balnagown with 1000 points.

2nd – Kilmuir with 863 points.

3rd – Logie with 702 points.

Congratulations to Balnagown who will receive their reward next terms when they return providing Mrs Dunnett approves their choice. We will be sure to let you know what it is!!


Wow Work in P5/6/7

Ove the last couple of weeks P5/6/7 have been working extremely hard in and outside of the classroom so we thought it would be good to share some of their fabulous work.

We combined art and science over the last couple of weeks by drawing realistic representations of the planets. We learnt about how to shade a sphere as well as how to shade using chalk pastels, combined that with paying attention to details and voila! Delighted with the results of the finished planets and the picture doesn’t even do it justice in comparison to real-life. A real proud piece of work for the class that will be proudly displayed on our ceiling for the remainder of the year 🙂 We’ll always have the chance to look up to space!

Post page 1

As well as creating some fantastic art works in our science topic, we also got creative in our grouping and place value lessons as we introduced ‘The Base Ten Men’

We created a face from dienes equipment and then calculated the value of each feature of the face. We had to rename the value in a different way. A target for us all is try work out the amount of tens or hundreds in the whole of a number (120 has 12 tens in it or 1130 has 11 hundreds) but we need to ensure we can visualize it and understand the relationships between the numbers. We must see the connections rather than learning to take away the zeros. The class then created their own ‘friends’ to complete the task with and we were joined by Garry, Jimmy, Bob and much more!

Finally, the P7 Junior Sports Leaders and their P6 assistants have been doing a fabulous job leading football and games sessions at lunch times so I thought I’d share some pictures of their hard work. Real responsibility, organisation and hard work 💪 👏 Their efforts are fantastic.

Post page 1
Post page 3
Post page 5
Post page 11

Fruity Friday

Friday saw our First Fruity Friday of the session! We were delighted to see so many children bringing fruit for snack and the Captains/Vice Captains were delighted to be visiting the classroom and recording their house points. Mrs Christie got a bit excited and offered 10 points for bringing a piece of fruit on Seesaw, however, on reflection staff and children agreed that 1 point would be awarded per piece of fruit (has to be eaten), 5 points for a SHANARRI Superstar ticket and 10 points for a Hall of Fame certificate.

We would love to see the children bring fruit for snack every day but if we could give it a big push and discourage other sugary snacks and drinks on a Friday that would be great. On other days – if we notice your child bringing fruit they may be awarded a SHANARRI superstar ticket for making healthy choices.

At the end of term House point totals will be recorded and the winning house will receive a reward of some kind which the children will be involved in choosing.

Fruity Friday totals for week beginning 13.09.21 are as follows:

Balnagown – 17 points

Kilmuir – 18 points

Logie – 17 points

Here is Primary 3/4/5 modelling their healthy snacks!