A Right Royal Breakfast.

How lucky were the boys and girls at Milton Primary School today? The Mercat Centre threw us a Right Royal Breakfast in honor of the Queen’s 70th Jubilee.

The children loved their treats and Nursery – Primary 3 had an impromptu dance party. I think the Queen would be dancing to Taylor Swift too…. Thank you to all the Mercat Team!


Nursery Sports 2022

It was so lovely to have parent spectators back for this years sports day. The children did brilliantly and they all had a lovely time! Well done boys and girls.


Community Concerns

We are aware that there have been a number of concerns raised about the community in the past couple of weeks. We have spoken to our local Police Liaison Officer and it has been advised that an effective way to report or share these concerns is to use the Fearless reporting system as well as reporting to the relevant professionals, Social Work, Police etc.

This is an anonymous service so you do not need to provide any personal details.

It can be accessed via – and click the ‘Contact us anonymously’ tab.


Gardening Club

We were delighted to see a new after school club start yesterday, Gardening Club with help from Ms Brewer, Stacey and Miss Bremner. Our wee garden and pollutunnel area has been neglected since lockdown so it was lovely to see this group start to spruce it up. We are excited to see what they grow. The children thoroughly enjoyed the club and showed super examples of being effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Below are some pictures of them in action…


Primary 3/4/5 Explore Milton

The children in Primary 3/4/5 have spent this term learning about their local community alongside Miss Bremner and Mrs Christie.

We were fortunate enough to welcome Mrs Williams to our class who took us on a walking tour of Old Milton and spoke a little about the history of some of the buildings and plots in the village. We were so intrigued about the story of ‘Mill Mount’ – a house which was bought and knocked to the ground by the owners of ‘Tarbat House’. We were welcomed into the grounds of the Old Mill and had the opportunity to ask some questions to the current owners. We also learned about the history of the cross and what it represents. Who knew Milton used to be a bustling market place.

Sadly, while we were out in the community we saw that some parts were not well kept and had been neglected over the years. Miss Bremner has been exploring how to look after our community and the role we can all play in helping to do this. A small group of very responsible children were tasked with clearing up the Cross area and were delighted to be joined by 2 members of the community to help them. We are very grateful to Mairi and William and the children returned to school delighted with their efforts as they watched the carvings reappear around the bottom of the cross.

Today, we hiked out to the outskirts of the village to look across the water. We identified oil rigs as well as the bright yellow jackets which are dominating the Nigg yard at the moment. We spoke about what they were for and even called in some expert help to set the scene for the final part of our topic – the role of renewables in our community. The children had a fantastic time out by the shore – throwing stones in the water and scavenging for treasure in the rubble. I only wish we could’ve stayed longer.


Outdoor Nursery Fun

The children in the Nursery have been making the most of the spring weather and playing out in the garden being creative with the loose parts.

They received some lovely slates which the children have loved using as mini chalkboards for mark making.

They have also been using the hula hoops, planks, crates and exploring the resources in the storage shed.

These children made their own hopscotch using the hula-hoops.
These children were off merrily down the stream in their boat!
The girls loved bouncing along on the space-hoppers seeing how high they could go.
The children have loved using the crates, planks of wood and tyres to build their own obstacle courses – super for practising their balance skills.
The construction area is very popular especially with the addition of the special equipment.

The Nursery children continue to enjoy their weekly session in the woods too. They were busy this week exploring and managing their own risk when climbing trees.

We are all very excited to watch the Nursery garden evolve over the next little while as the signs of spring are already popping up. They have such beautiful raised beds we have no doubt we will start to see them change over the next little while! We also welcome the donation of any further loose parts – we are very grateful for the new slates kindly brought in by one of our service users 🙂


World Book Day 2022

Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day, the children were given the opportunity to dress up if they wished or dress down and the teachers organised some nice activities to celebrate.


Primary 345 enjoyed a “Book and a biscuit” as part of our World Book Day celebrations. The children were given some uninterrupted time to read and share books with their peers in our library area. The biscuit was just wee welcome bonus!

P345 also completed a little class challenge – turn your potato into a book character. This task was entirely child led except for when the hot glue gun was required. Some super characters produced. Hopefully your child has brought theirs home to share with you!


World Book Day 2022. Some reading for enjoyment today with a hot drink and a wee biscuit. So lovely to relax and share stories together ❤

Our staff also joined in for the occasion…Little Miss and Mr Men characters with our very own ‘Bump.’


A Special Visitor.

Yesterday we had a visit from David the Paramedic. Primary 345 have been learning all about what to do in an emergency and Miss Bremner very kindly organised for a real life First Responder to come in and talk to us.

David came and spoke to all of the classes. He told us all about why it is important that we know basic first aid skills and how they could save someone’s life. He taught us who to phone if we come across someone unconscious, how to check if a person is breathing and how to put them into the recovery position whilst we wait on an ambulance to come. He also taught us how to perform CPR if the person is not breathing. I think we all agreed that CPR is hard work!


Learning in P567

Amazing board of discussions from our Fractions Choral Count today! I presented the class with the black fractions on a blank page and then we got to work with our colours. Some fantastic learning pulled out from something so simple 👏 A lot of patterns discovered and linking fractions to whole numbers with some even linking to times table knowledge and decimals. Blown away 😊 The class worked in pairs to complete the task themselves before we collated everything on the board to share and discuss.
We have been learning about perspective in our art work this week. Check out our fab Titanic drawings where we had a go at putting perspective into practice. Don’t they look like they are coming towards us!
Fractions counting collections turned out fantastically. Groups were given a bag of shapes and explained that the hexagons were worth 1 and then asked them to count out the whole bag. It took a minute of two for them to realise my cryptic clues but they made some fantastic fractions connections 👏
Finished results. Some great understanding of patterns and shapes fitting together and was a nice introduction to our fractions topic today. Brilliant to see the children proving their shapes were hexagons by comparing to the hexagon and checking for equal shapes.

Character inferences today. Pick adjectives to describe the character and back it up with evidence from the chapters read so far.
French Calendar Learning. After completing a couple of intense Blooket Quizzes online to practice our French days of the week and months of the year we played some connect 4. We had to translate the English date to French before we could place our counters.

Funding for Milton

I am absolutely delighted to share that thanks to the effort of a Parent Council Member for writing to the Councillors and the sad picture of our pupils attached to it, Milton Community is to receive £28 000 of play equipment for a Park. A great example of how Parent Council discussions and Community Partnerships can lead to such positive outcomes.

All we know at the moment is what is attached in the link above. This is something that will be discussed with Councillor Louden at our Parent Council Meetings.

Super news and addition for our Milton Community.