The chicken 🐔

Today we had a very special visitor to nursery. We had a beautiful chicken to come to see us, she came from The Egg Box and brought lots of eggs with her. We learned that The Egg box has over 90,000 chickens and they each lay about 320 eggs a year – that’s lots of eggs. The chicken didn’t have a name so we decided to call her Layla. 

The eggs are sold locally in their very special vending machine which is worth a visit as you will get to see the chickens outside enjoying a run about, ask a member of staff for directions if you would like to visit it. The eggs are also sold in M&S and used by the Happy Hen Egg Company. 

Tracy told us that the chickens get to wander freely outside through the day and they like to look for worms and play football!! 

Once we all stroked Layla she went back to her bed and we got to look at the eggs. 


We learned that when the chickens are very young the eggs they lay are tiny and they lay bigger eggs as they get older. The tiny eggs don’t even have a yolk but the very big eggs have double yolks!! 

Once Layla went home we had eggs for snack! Some had scrambled eggs and some had boiled. 

A big thank you to Tracy Young who took time to visit us with Layla.