Power Down Day ðŸ’¡

Mrs Sinclair popped into Primary 2/3 today to see how they were managing without the lights on.

As you can see there are plenty of “bright sparks” in there…who needs lights and power 😂👍.

On a serious note, we had a good discussion at assembly about what we could do as a school to try and reduce the energy we use. Each class now has an Energy Monitor who will ensure we are all doing our bit to make a difference. All lights will be switched off when the classroom is empty and the Monitors will be checking Smartboards are also off when not in use.

Our next step is to make a huge difference out in the community by participating in the Plastic Pick on Friday 11th May at 1.30 (all welcome).

Come and check out the gym hall display to see how you can reduce energy use in your home. We have 10 top tips to share with you.

Hopefully your child may have mentioned 1 or 2 tips we discussed today with you at home tonight.