Well done Primary 1 πŸŽ‰

A huge pat on the back to our new primary 1 pupils for their exceptional behaviour on their first day of school. A second well done to the P1 parents for leaving your children in our care without too many tears.Please try to leave your children at the line tomorrow, it’s very important that the pupils get used to coming in to school indpendently in the mornings. 

The children settled beautifully into class routine. We enjoyed a little bit of free play this morning, we used the Smartboard to help us with our counting, we listened to stories, we drew pictures, we made Lego models and pancakes in our playdough bakery! 

We then went to assembly with Mrs Sinclair who reminded us of our school golden rules and responsibilities. We all listened very carefully. We also got sorted into our new houses- Balnagown (Red), Logie (Blue) and Kilmuir (Green). Mrs Christie will post a list soon. 

After play time we brushed our teeth and then read all about Elmer, a very unique elephant. We decided to become like Elmer. Here are the beginnings of our masks which we will finish tomorrow. 

Then it was time for home! I’m sure many of you have some tired little children in your house tonight but I hope they’re ready and eager to do it all again tomorrow. 

Please check school bags tomorrow- your child will bring home your invite in to school on Thursday for a welcome back chat with Mrs Sinclair and an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom. There will also be a healthcare form which you should complete and bring back to school.

See you in the morning, 

Mrs Christie